We guarantee it's on your wish list, and now you have an excuse to get one. We're talking about drones, of course, and here's the secret weapon that can help ensure you get one this month:

Owning a drone can actually save you money on home and roof repairs. 

Yes, we're serious. Keep reading to find out how.

Have you spotted some unsightly roof damage with your drone in Rockville? If so, call on the experts at Shanco for top-quality roof repairs that guarantee perfect results!

What Is a Drone?

If you haven't seen them online or heard a neighbor flying one around, a drone is a flying, remote or program-controlled device fitted with cameras, sensors, and any other attachments that help the drone fulfill its job.

Drones have become a big, big thing in roofing and home repair in general, as they allow both homeowners and roofing specialists to get a crystal-clear bird’s eye view of the roof and other important home fixtures.

How Can a Drone Help Me Save Money on Roof Repairs?

Not sure how this little robot can be of use? Oh, let us count the ways:
  • Safety. Probably one of the biggest benefits is the sheer safety. Even for a trained roofing specialist, being topside can come with some very real risks. Roofs are usually slanted, and a fall, slight lapse in judgement, or distraction can turn into an injury in moments. But when you’re doing your home roof inspection in Rockville with a drone, you don’t have to worry about anything at all!
  • Simplicity. Checking to see if you need roof repairs is a very, very important task. Unfortunately, it's not at the top of a “fun things to do” list. A roof inspection takes time, and a bunch of legwork that some folks either aren’t up to, can't do, or simply don’t want to fool with. Using a drone with a camera makes inspections a snap (and kind of fun, too!), enabling you to keep an eye out for needed roof repairs much easier.
  • Avoid blind spots. Have you ever had a suspicion about your home, called for an inspection, paid for the inspection, and then find out it was wasted money? This about this: you have a leak in your ceiling, so you assume it's your roof. You call a roofing specialist, who climbs up top and comes up with nothing. Then you find out your kid has been overflowing the bathtub while you're not paying attention. You still end up paying for that roof inspection!  With a drone, you can pop up there any time for a looksee. (Note: If you don't find the definite source of water damage within a few days, call for an inspection. Sometimes it's not obvious when there's damage that leads to a leaky roof.)
  • Thorough inspections. Have you ever tried to get a real hard look into places like under your gutters, or even harder, into your chimney? It’s no cakewalk, and getting an accurate look around and assessment is nearly impossible with hands alone. But a light and camera mounted roof inspecting drone can make even rough tasks like these easy as pie.
  • Versatility. Why stop at roofs? Use your drone to fully inspect high-up windows, out of reach siding, and pretty much anywhere else that usually requires an uncomfortably tall ladder. With an equipped drone, all of these things are super simple to keep up with, saving you a lot of time and frustration, and allowing you to get timely roof repair and window repair when you need it most.

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