Our spring and summer seasons carry some risks to your home that you may or may not be considering! There’s the rain, sure; you probably thought of that first. But the real big (but sneaky) one? The sun! Without proper care and protection you could be looking at siding replacement in Bethesda much sooner than you might have wanted. Let’s have a chat about the areas of your home that take heat damage, and what to do about them.

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Four Important Places on Your Home to Keep Watch for Heat Damage

Heat can really be a risk for the majority of your home. It can even be a risk to your health (keep hydrated)! But these four areas of the home get the worst of it, and need the most care in the end.

  1. The Roof. This is of particular risk to asphalt shingles, but too much heat accumulation and direct sunlight will takes its toll on nearly any roof material. Shingles will begin to blister and crack as time wears on, cedar shake can start to crack and buckle--even metal roofing can encounter problems is moisture gets under the roofing material to the frame.
  2. Decks. Or any kind of wooden structure, really. Sunlight fires off UV rays onto wood that will break down lignin, making the wood discolor, crack, peel, among other issues. Stains and sealing from many manufacturers take this issue into account and provide your structures with the means to reflect or absorb heat and sun without taking on as much damage.
  3. Siding. Your siding can take on considerable damage, both from the sun itself, and from the heat it produces. Sunlight can make siding fade and wear down, eating away at the materials over time. And heat is particularly dangerous when moisture gets behind siding, since it increases the rate at which mold and rot accumulate. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, keep up with the health of your siding and have it routinely inspected. To avoid very potentially costly home damage, be sure to have cracks and punctures repaired immediately.
  4. Exterior paint. Depending on your home paint choice, you can see a lot of trouble from the combination of heat and direct sunlight. These elements make paint expand and potentially crack, exposing your home to heat and moisture that can engender mold growth and further damage. Your best bet is to upgrade to paints or treatments that use elastomeric coatings (weatherproofing tech). These allow paint to “breathe” and retain form better.

Siding Replacement in Bethesda with Shanco

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