There isn’t a single homeowner that couldn’t benefit from a more energy-efficient and comfortable home. 

Though the number shifts by a percent here or there, roughly 45% of your energy usage can be attributed to your HVAC system. Lower cooling and heating costs are a big topic for all of us. That’s why the team at Shanco is glad to bring you some great tips about how you can improve your home energy efficiency. And via your roof, of all things!

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How to Save Energy with Your Roofing

We all probably know that your roof plays some role in energy efficiency and comfort. It’s the lid of your home, after all. But did you know that there are materials and technologies that are specifically geared towards making your home more efficient? There are, and we’re glad to clue you in.

  • Cool roof coatings. Roof coatings are one of the most popular and cost-efficient options when it comes to saving energy and boosting home comfort. During a standard summer day, uncoated roofs made of tile and asphalt can hit temperatures of 150 degrees or more. And you better believe that translates into your home through radiation. Roof coatings address this issue by applying a thin membrane or sheet of heat resistant or reflective material. With the right installation, roofs can drop as low as 80 degrees even on a scorcher, helping you out a whole lot in the comfort depeartment.
  • Energy-efficient roofing materials. Coats are a great way to upgrade a new roof, but when you’re considering a complete new roof installation, there’s no better way than to design the roof for energy-efficiency from the start. ENERGY STAR® rated roofing materials are a great option, and metal roofs are not only attractive and popular, but also a great way to get a cooler roof.
  • Proper roof ventilation and insulation. Ideal attic insulation levels, combined with effective roof ventilation, are also imperative to bursting the heat bubble that might be hovering over your home. These two things combined keep moisture at a minimum, your conditioned air in, and outdoor air where it belongs—outside!

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