Whether we’re talking about your front entry door, a side door, or even a garage door, these home fixtures play some pretty big roles. Good doors are all about security, of course. But they are also about attractive home design, and (surprisingly for some), they also have a hand in overall home energy efficiency and comfort.

All of this together means you want your doors to be in peak shape. But how do you know when a door is in good shape, and when it needs to be repaired or replaced? The experts at Shanco are about to tell you!

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Five Sure Signs You Need to Replace a Door

There are the obvious standards, of course. Major cracking, ill-fitted doors—it fell out of the frame. But what about problems that are hidden or beyond the obvious? We can tell you with confidence that no damaged door can hide. You just need to know what signs to look for:

  • Drafty Door – A solid and relatively decent quality modern door is supposed to create a strong seal against air flow. That means it should be keeping controlled air in, and outdoor air out! Pay close attention to draftiness in your home, and if you notice any, check the door (and windows!) first.
  • Moisture Intrusion – It can be quite hard to check the seals on your door if you're not a general contractor. But you don’t need any training to keep watch for spots of water and condensation forming on and around the door. Also watch for signs of water damage, like dark spots and frame swelling.
  • Broken Door Hinges – Hinges are typically constructed of some fairly resilient materials, and are often even galvanized to reduce the risks of corrosion. That means if hinges start to show signs of rust, wear, or don’t seem to want to stay tightened, there are good odds on the door itself needing to be replaced.
  • Hanging Doors – Older doors, or ones that were installed poorly, can sometimes scrape along the ground when they’re opened and closed. Usually this is caused by sagging due to age, or warping caused by moisture intrusion and weather damage.
  • Bugs – Insects getting in around the door? That’s going to mean the seals are either weak, or weren’t very effective in the first place. Insects can be a huge problem in Maryland, so be sure to get the door checked ASAP!

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