When you need a roof replacement on your home or business, the contractor may recommend an ice and water shield too. If you haven’t replaced your roof before, you might not know much about this part of the roofing system. It’s tempting to simply not have the ice and water shield installed so you can save some money.

But this can cause additional damage leading to roof repairs in the future.

What is the Ice and Water Shield?

The ice and water shield is exactly what its name implies—a shield that provides added protection against snow, ice melt, and wind-driven rainwater. The ice and water shield is a thin layer of material with a sticky backing that adheres to the wood deck of your roof.

Where does the ice and water shield go on a roof?

These shields are placed underneath your roof shingles, and along the most vulnerable parts of the roofing:

  • Edges of the Roof
  • Roof Valleys
  • Roof Protrusions and Chimneys
  • Low-Pitched Roofs

Ice and Water Shields for most residential properties with an asphalt shingle roof are made from polymer-modified bitumen. Metal roofs require a different type of ice and water shield made with cotton-like fibers that don’t stick to the underside of the metal shingle as it expands and contracts.

Is the Ice and Water Shield Necessary?

Many homes in the United States benefit from an ice and water shield. Municipalities north of the snow belt require an ice and water shield to protect against storm and ice damage. Homeowners who live along the coastline should also consider getting an ice and water shield.

Strong rainstorms and hurricanes can have straight-line winds that lift the edges of roof shingles allowing rain to enter underneath. Over time this continual exposure damages the decking and leads to water leaks.

Can Our Virginia or Maryland Roofing Contractors Help You Install an Ice and Water Shield?

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