A living room and dining room with patio doors and large windows.

To many people, the fall means changing leaves, pumpkin spice, and fall window maintenance. Ok, not everyone thinks about home exteriors but the team at Shanco is here to help get your home ready for the onset of winter.

How Do I Complete Fall Window Maintenance?

The team at Shanco looks at DIY fall window maintenance in two distinct categories; cleaning and inspection and both can be done easily. The benefits of cleaning are clear (pun intended), a fall cleaning will remove all the pollen, dirt, and grime and let that early fall sunlight pour right into your home.  

Cleaning Your Windows in the Fall Preps Your Home for the Holidays 

Cleaning the windows inside and out in the fall is a great first step for holiday preparation. You will need the following supplies to clean your windows inside and out.  

Cleaning the inside of your windows 

  • Window cleaner (DIY or store bought) 

  • Dust-free microfiber cloth 

Cleaning the outside of your windows 

  • Window cleaner (DIY or store bought) 

  • Squeegee w/ extension pole 

  • Ladder 

If getting on a ladder and cleaning your windows is difficult, hire a professional window cleaning company to clean them in the fall and spring.  

Cleaning your windowsills and tracks 

  • Dawn dish soap 

  • Spray bottle 

  • Rag or toothbrush 

Mix a couple of drops of Dawn dish soap in your full water bottle and spray the area. Let it sit so it will loosen up the dirt and debris. Then use a rag or toothbrush to remove the dirt and grime.  

Shanco Recommends That You Inspect Your Windows Twice a Year 

When it comes to window inspection, here are some quick things to look for: 

  • Do the windows open and close easily? Homes can shift over time, and this can affect your windows. A window that is difficult to open or close is a safety hazard that should be addressed immediately.  

  • Do the locks work? This is tied to shifting houses as well. If the windows are hard to lock (or unlock), this creates a safety problem if you need to exit through the window quickly.  

  • Is paint peeling around the windows or is there any missing caulking? Peeling paint and missing caulking can be the first step to future window problems. Re-paint the part of your window that is missing paint and replace the missing caulking.  

  • Can you see rotten window panes, frames, or cracks? These are surefire signs that a window replacement will happen soon. Where structure has been compromised, moisture can penetrate which can lead to more rot and mold.  

  • Have you noticed condensation between panes? This could be a sign of storm damage or seal failure. Condensation between panes will allow cooler air to permeate the windows and thus decrease your energy efficiency. Seal failure may happen over time with older windows.  

Completing your inspection before winter sets in is important for keeping your home warm and dry. Schedule an appointment with the team at Shanco if you are experiencing any of the above issues.  

Why Do I Need to Clean and Inspect My Windows Before Winter? 

The window installation experts at Shanco recommend cleaning your windows in the spring AND winter. Why? Spring and winter are between two extreme seasons. Winter will freeze and cause windows to shrink. Summer has storms, heat, humidity, and sunlight beaming down on your home. These opposites will break down products and your windows will be directly exposed to those temperature fluctuations.  

The Benefits of New Energy Efficient Windows 

Replacing windows will increase your home’s value and provide a nice return on investment. Not only do you get a great ROI, but you also save money on heating and cooling if you replace it with an energy star window.  

An Energy Star window is designed to reduce warm air and cool air loss. They have increased insulation which will reduce your energy usage. Heat gain and loss is 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling energy consumption. The Department of Energy estimates that homeowners can save $125-$465 a year by replacing their existing windows with Energy Star windows. While having new windows installed is expensive, think about the long-term savings which will offset the expenditure.  

If Fall Window Maintenance Uncovers Window Problems, Call the Experts 

Shanco has been the leading home exterior company in Washington D.C. metro, NOVA, and Richmond for over 20 years. Our team of experts will conduct a free inspection of your property and provide an analysis of your windows. Contact Shanco today to schedule your inspection before winter sets in!