A house with Hardie Board siding that has been freshly cleaned.

There is no need to overthink it. Cleaning James Hardie siding is easy. Not only is it tough and sturdy siding for your home, but cleaning it is a breeze. In this blog post, Shanco will show you how to clean your siding without damaging your home’s exterior.  

How Often Does Hardie Board Siding Need Cleaned? 

Much like gutter cleaning and window inspections and cleanings, your Hardie board siding should be cleaned twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. Completing a thorough cleaning will remove dirt, grime, pollen, bird droppings, and more that may make your home siding look dirty and dingy. Cleaning and inspecting twice a year will also keep you informed of any potential damage to your siding. 

Can You Pressure Wash Hardie Plank? 

It may feel that using a power washer to quickly and thoroughly clean your siding is a great idea but trust the team at Shanco when we say do not use a pressure washer on Hardie plank siding.  

Using a pressure washer is not recommended by James Hardie because it can damage the siding if used improperly. A low-pressure garden hose will suffice when it comes to cleaning your siding.  

Can I Use Bleach to Clean My Hardie Siding? 

Using a bleach mixture is excessive when it comes to cleaning your Hardie siding. All you really need to effectively clean your Hardie siding is dish soap to cut through any dust or dirt that has accumulated on your siding.  

Best Hardie Board Cleaning Tips 

You likely have everything you need when it comes to cleaning your Hardie board. All these products are readily available at any home improvement store.  

  • Garden hose 

  • Spray nozzle 

  • Dish soap (like Dawn) 

  • Bucket 

  • A soft cloth or soft sponge 

  • Soft-bristled brush that does NOT have metal bristles 

  • Brush extension if necessary 

Once you have acquired all the supplies, find a day that is not raining. Overcast skies are preferable to sunny days. We recommend an overcast day so that any soap that you use does not dry on the siding.  

How To Clean Concrete Fiber Siding 

The cleaning method for concrete fiber siding is like other siding materials. Always work in small sections to ensure any soap does not dry on the siding.  Follow the following steps to make your concrete fiberboard look new: 

  • Work from top to bottom 

  • Rinse the area with your sprayer nozzle 

  • Wipe any dirt and grime off with your soft cloth 

  • Rinse the cleaned area from top to bottom 

If you encounter any areas of stuck-on grime, you will need to use dish soap, a bucket, and a soft brush. 

  • Mix soap and water to create soapy water in your bucket 

  • Rinse the area with a hose 

  • Rub the soft-bristled brush along the grain and never against 

  • Rinse from top to bottom 

Removing Mold and Mildew from Hardie Plank Siding 

This is a great question. First, Hardie plank siding does not have any organic materials in it. That makes Hardie siding impervious to many different ailments that a wood siding might be susceptible to. These ailments include mold, mildew, and rot.  

Hardie board prevents mildew from forming on your siding which eliminates the need for mildew cleaner and other harsh chemicals to keep your home looking new.  

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