Don't damage your roof by taking short cuts when installing Christmas lights.

The holidays are exciting, and many homeowners like to express their cheer with Christmas lights. In many neighborhoods, light displays are a large-scale community endeavor. If you're preparing to join in on the fun, there are some things you should keep in mind when mounting your lights, especially if it's to the roof. Your roof is a delicate structure and altering it in any way could make it more susceptible to leaks.

By taking the proper precautions, you can ensure that your roof remains in perfect shape. Here are some things to keep in mind this holiday season.

Safety Disclaimer

When taking on a Christmas light installation, it's imperative that you avoid doing so in bad weather. Snow, ice, or slippery conditions can present a significant hazard to you and those around you. When installing your lights, always ensure that you have a spotter so that there's someone looking out for you in case of an emergency.

Don't Puncture the Shingles of Your Home's Roof

The most important consideration to make when installing Christmas lights is not attaching them directly to your roof. Many inexperienced homeowners will staple or nail their Christmas lights directly to their asphalt shingling. This is a recipe for disaster. Even the smallest pinholes can open the home up to major leaks, resulting in expensive repairs down the line. Roofing materials are quite sensitive to unnecessary wear, and altering them in any way could speed up the need for a roof replacement.

Types of Christmas Light Clips

Christmas light clips offer homeowners a way of installing lights on their roofs without making any punctures. They come in a few varieties:

  • Simple Hooks: The most straightforward way of attaching Christmas lights, these clips attach to the edge of the gutter and have a tiny hook for the light wire to run through.
  • Clip to the Bulb: These clips are intended for heavier Christmas lights or ones that need to be oriented in a specific way. They grip onto the base of the bulb for extra support.
  • Roof Peak Clips: If you prefer a more intricate light display and need lights attached to the peak of your roof, these clips attach to the edge of the shingles. Professional installation is recommended.

Consider Hanging Lights from Other Places

The safest and least destructive way to install your Christmas lights is by not attaching them to your roof at all. This is a great option for homeowners looking for how to hang without a ladder. Instead of attaching your lights to your house, purchase inflatable decorations or place the lights in the bushes. These are much easier to remove and have just as much of a visual impact.

Contact Shanco for All Your Roofing Needs

If you're wondering how to hang Christmas lights on a roof, the answer is clips. These protect your shingling from damage and ensure that you'll have the perfect function for years ahead. While up on your roof, it's a great time to inspect its quality.

Should you notice any damages or wear that might need repair, Shanco of metro Washington DC, NOVA, and Richmond, Virginia is there for you. Our expert contractors are GAF Master Elite certified and have over 20 years of dedicated experience. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we are undoubtedly the team you'll want to call. Get started with our team today and contact us for a free quote.