Ice dams can create huge problems for your home. Contact the experts at Shanco today for a free roof replacement estimate.

Do you have ice dams forming on your property? If you notice ice dams affecting your home, you should work quickly to remove them to prevent damaging your home. 

As an experienced roofing company, we have experience helping homeowners remove ice dams. This article will discuss ways to get rid of ice dams and why you should act quickly if you notice them on your home's roof. 

Why Should You Get Rid of Ice Dams

If you have ice dams on your roof, they may cause lasting damage if they aren't removed. Ice dams can damage gutter systems and loosen shingles on your roofing system. 

When the ice dams melt, the water will enter your home and cause severe damage by peeling off paint and warping your flooring. Additionally, your home will start to develop mold or mildew if the water stays in your attic. 

Using Cold Air to Get Rid of Ice Dams

One of the best ways to get rid of ice dams is by freezing the water that has melted on your roof. If you know where the water is leaking in your home, you can point a box fan at the affected areas of the attic.

The cool air will freeze the water and stop it from leaking more through the roofing system. It won't take long for the cool air to freeze water and prevent ice dam formation from causing severe damage. 

Rake It Off The Roof 

While some homeowners use a hammer or chisel to break ice dams, this can damage your roofing system permanently. The best option is a specialized roof rake with wheels that will change the temperature of your roofing system.

While you rake the top of your roof, it's important that you stand away from the roofing system as there will be falling ice. It's always a good idea to wear proper safety equipment when raking ice dams.

Some of the equipment you should wear is:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Work Gloves
  • Ventilator (if going into the attic with insulation) 

Use a Calcium Chloride Ice Melter 

Calcium Chloride is a classic ice dam prevention method to melt ice on your home's roofing system. Many people recommend placing it in a pantyhose or a large sock and placing it on the top of the roof. 

The chemical ice melter will remove the ice and water, allowing a channel for the water to flow off the roof. You don't need to stand on the roof to place the Calcium Chloride down if you place it on a long-handled garden rake. 

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