Home exterior projects can create a nice ROI for your home.

A new roof is often the most significant remodel that a property can undergo. The investment in roof replacement will help to add curb appeal and durability to a home.  

However, you may be curious about the return on investment (ROI) of adding a new roof to your property. This article will cover some of the key considerations when upgrading your home's roof.  

What's The Most Common Reason to Replace a Roof?  

When considering a roof replacement, you must first decide if it is the correct upgrade for your home. A roofing system has a general lifespan that ranges from 20 years to 50 years, depending on the type of roofing material.  

The most common reason a homeowner replaces their roof is because the surfaces and materials have worn down. Damaged roofing materials can affect the performance and style of your property. 

While a roofing system is replaced due to age, it is also replaced to add new features to the roof. Whether it is new ventilation or a skylight, a roofing system will be adjusted to meet the owner's needs.  

Does Roof Replacement Add Value to a Home?  

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, consumers can expect a 100% recoup of their investment costs. Unlike other home upgrades, this can be a primary selling point to potential homebuyers. 

When a buyer sees that the property has a new roof, they do not have to plan for a replacement in the future. New roofing systems help to bring peace of mind that the home will provide long-lasting durability.  

Should You Replace a Roof Before Selling It?  

As a property seller, having a new roof on the home is an advantage for you. Along with improving the home's condition, a new roof may also reduce the home insurance costs for the property. 

When a prospective homebuyer sees the house, they will not ask for a price reduction in anticipation of future repairs. After they have a roof inspection completed, you can receive the maximum value for the property.  

If you decide to replace your roof before selling your home, Shanco has some tips for you.  

First, plan before replacing your existing roof. You want to ensure that your asphalt shingle roof replacement is scheduled before trying to sell your house.  

Second, you will want to work with a roofing company that provides a transferrable roof warranty. There are stipulations regarding roof warranty transfers to be sure to explain your situation to your roofing contractor. 

Is a new roof a good investment? If you are planning to sell your home and your roof needs replaced, yes! Roof replacement ROI is 100% and will boost consumer confidence in purchasing your home.  

Maximize Your ROI With Home Improvement Projects from Shanco 

While Shanco the roof repair and replacement experts, you can also count on us for several other home exterior projects that can impact the ROI of your home.  

  • Replacement Windows (vinyl and wood)- homeowners upgrading their windows can anticipate an ROI of 67% for vinyl and 63% for wood. Windows have a joy score of 9.6 out of 10. This is because they look great, they conserve energy, and money.  

  • New Siding (vinyl and fiber cement)- Updating your home’s exterior by installing new vinyl siding or fiber cement siding is a surefire way to change the curb appeal of your home. While each material provides different pros and cons, there is one thing that both materials share; 82-86% ROI.  

Other Home Improvement Projects That Provide a Strong ROI 

There are several other home exterior projects that provide a positive ROI. These projects can help improve your home’s value and curb appeal.  

  • Front Door (steel and fiberglass)- Updating your door to a new steel or fiberglass front door immediately improves the walk-up beauty of your home. A new door can drastically change the personality of your home. Upgrading to a new wood or fiberglass door can net homeowners roughly 60% in ROI. 

  • Garage Door Replacement- Sun, heat, ice, and general wear and tear can cause your garage door tons of problems. Think warping, discoloration, and dings and dents. Updating your garage door scores high on the joy list at 9 out of 10. While it may make you happy visually, it also brings homeowners a 100% ROI.  

  • Painting the Exterior- A simple paint job will provide a high level of homeowner joy (9.8/10). If your siding is in great shape but you are looking to spruce up your exterior, an exterior paint job is a terrific opportunity to switch up your home. The average cost of a paint job will differ depending on the size and complexity of the job, so it is difficult to gauge the ROI.  

Request More Information About Our Roofing Services 

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