As a homeowner, it's a good idea to be familiar with all parts of your property. You'll always know what to ask about when working with a contractor, and have a better idea of how your property is constructed. While most Gaithersburg, MD homeowners are aware of the basic parts of their roofs, they may not realize that there are many more components of this part of the home. 

Common Roofing Terms and Definitions

Want to be more prepared for a meeting with your roof replacement contractor in Gaithersburg, MD? Or, do you just want to know more about your roof? Here are a few common roofing terms and definitions to keep in mind.

  • Drip Edge: A piece of metal flashing that is attached to the edge of the roof. The drip edge is folded into an "L" shape with a small lip that extends past the roofline. This roofing component protects the roof and fascia from rainwater.
  • Fascia: The wooden, vinyl, or metal board that runs along the front edge of the roofline. The fascia seals off the sides of the roof and attic protecting it from rain and pests.
  • Gable: The triangular wall at each end of a sloped roof building. The gable begins at the bottom edges of both sides of the roof and ends at the pointed top of the roof.
  • Ice and Water Shield: A waterproof membrane applied to the roof decking that provides extra protection against sleet, rain, and ice damage. This shield is usually about three feet wide.
  • Rakes and Eaves: Terms for the roof overhang that extends one to two feet from the home. The eaves run along the bottom edge of the roof and the rakes run up the gable ends of the roof to the roof peak.
  • Roof Decking: The sheets of OSB material or plywood that make up the foundation of your roof. This is the surface that membranes, flashing, and roof shingles are attached too.
  • Roof Flashing: Thin metal sheets of galvanized steel that are used to protect areas of the roof where rainwater tends to collect and pool, such as eaves and dormers.
  • Roof Underlayment: A synthetic sheet that's applied to the roof decking. It protects the roof against moisture that may seep under roof shingles during heavy storms.
  • Soffits: The perforated metal or vinyl sheet that covers the underside of the roof overhang. The soffits provide protection against pests and debris while also allowing ventilation.
  • Starter Shingles: Specialized strips of asphalt shingles with layers of adhesive on top that are placed along the edge of the roof overhang. These are the first shingles applied to the roof.

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