The April 8th total solar eclipse will cross the United States and deliver a once in a lifetime experience for people from Texas all the way to Maine. With such a rare experience, the team at Shanco want to ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy it safely. 

If you are planning to look at the solar eclipse, there are safety precautions you will need to take. There are many ways to view the eclipse safely, but preparedness is key. 

Before we get into the best ways to view the eclipse, please note that using regular sunglasses or staring directly into the sun will cause damage to your eyesight. Failing to use proper, protective eyewear can cause temporary and even permanent vision loss. 

Additionally, viewing the eclipse through binoculars, camera lens, or a telescope requires specialized filters to prevent eye damage. You cannot use eclipse glasses to look through binoculars, telescopes, or cameras. Do not use view the eclipse without these products. 

That said, how can you safely view the eclipse? 

Authorized Eclipse Eyewear is a Must Have 

Using authorized eclipse eyewear is a must if you plan to view the eclipse. This specialized eyewear uses solar filters to dampen the sun’s light to a degree that will not cause damage to your vision. Eclipse glasses are at least 1000 times darker than regular sunglasses and block UV and infrared light.  

How do you know that your eclipse glasses are authorized for usage? They should mention ISO 12312-2 Certified for Solar Viewing. These are the international standard for solar viewing. If you want to be certain that your glasses pass the test, you can find a manufacturer that meets the safety criteria of solar glasses and viewers. 

Where can you get authorized eclipse eyewear? We recommend checking your local library. More than 13,000 public libraries are distributing more than 5 million eclipse glasses for free. If they are out of glasses, try checking local grocers or drugstores may have them for sale.  

Photographing the Eclipse with a Smartphone 

Want to memorialize the eclipse using your smartphone? Don’t we all! Smartphone cameras are quick and effortless way to snap some images, but there are some tips and tricks to ensure that you can get a great image that is not blurry, out of focus or more.  

Pinhole Camera for the Total Solar Eclipse 

No glasses or special filters for cameras? No problem. Simple household items can ensure that you can safely view the eclipse. We could give you the instructions but the folks at have a great tutorial that you can read here. 

What Else Do I Need to Know About the Eclipse? 

As a roofing company, we are urging people to stay on the ground during the eclipse. Viewing from your home’s roof will not get you a better view. It is especially dangerous to view upward and not watch your footing on the roof of your home.  

Besides watching a historical event, you can participate in limited time offers from specialty flavored chips, donuts, and more. You can have a fun experience during and after the eclipse and supplies are likely limited.  

The most important thing is to be safe, responsible, and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.