In the past, we’ve mentioned from time to time that gutter maintenance is imperative for the health of your home. The primary purpose of a gutter cleaning is, of course, to avoid a clog. But what exactly does a clog mean for the health of your home? The expert, certified roofers at Shanco are here to clue you in!

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Dangers of a Clogged Gutter

To understand the risks of a clogged gutter, you kind of need to understand the specific purpose a gutter serves. Your gutter system is designed to essentially handle the water that naturally slides off of your roof in rainy or snowy temperatures. The gutter system diverts the water away from your home, safely depositing it away from your foundation, and thus prevents long term water damage.

When a clog occurs, water can no longer be safely moved away from your home, and thus ends up running down exterior walls and getting into your foundation (and possibly basement or crawlspace).

Without consistent gutter maintenance, you risk:

  • Severe foundation damage. Since the primary function of a gutter system is to prevent water from getting to your foundation, it stands to reason that foundation damage would come as a consequence of a clog. Water in and along the foundation will cause wear, and eventually cracks that will jeopardize the structural integrity of your foundation. This can lead to severe structural damage, and potentially a collapse.
  • Damage to wood. Any wood located along the sides of your home (including the wooden boards your gutter is mounted to) are at serious risk of extensive exposure to water. This can lead to rot, or potentially loss of property.
  • Mold growth. Mold can take hold of your exterior structure in a simple matter of days. This can lead to health complications, and structural damage.
  • Ice dams. During the winter, water collecting in a clogged gutter will almost certainly lead to ice dams. These cool looking, but highly damaging, formations can lead to roof collapse, damaged roofing materials and water leakage into the home.
  • Damaged plants and landscaping. Many homeowners host a variety of flowers, plants and foliage along the exterior walls of the home. The common cascades of water that come naturally with a clogged gutter can severely damage these, potentially killing the plants altogether.

Gutter Maintenance in Maryland with Shanco

As with most forms of maintenance, gutter maintenance is key to ensuring your home stays safe and secure. Shanco always strives to exceed expectations, and our experts are industry-leaders in skill, experience, and training. Avoid complications and risks by enlisting the assistance of our certified roofing specialists today!