The roof on your Rockville home getting up there in the years? If so, you might want to start shopping around for a roof replacement. As a roof ages, it naturally becomes much more susceptible to many forms of damage, and left alone for too long, this can spell some serious issues for your home. Find out the biggest issues an old roof can cause with the specialists at Shanco!

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What Are the Dangers of an Old Roof?

Beyond simply becoming more and more difficult to maintain, an old roof can create a lot of problems. Namely, the roof can actually impact the health and safety of your entire home! The biggest threats lie in:

  1. Water Intrusion and Water Damage. Shingle, tile, seams; all different types of essentially the same thing. The important point is that if you don’t stay on top of your roof damage repair in Rockville, you can wind up with massive bald spots on your roof. These weaken the overall effectiveness of your roof, and most notably open up your home to a very real risk of water damage.
  2. Pest Problems. An old, damaged roof allows a lot of unwanted things into your home, and we’re not only talking about water. Pests, animals, and insects can all find an easy route through damaged shingles, loose fascia, and spaces created by cracks and dents. This means a lot of frustration, but it can also open up your home to nature’s most obnoxious little monster: termites!
  3. Electrical Failure. The water, the bugs, the squirrels, and even fallen leaves and branches can all cause serious damage to in-home wiring, leaving you without power at best, and dealing with a potential electrical fire at worst!
  4. Mold and Mildew. Mold and mildew smell awful, grow extremely rapidly, and can obliterate your home’s interior. Mold feeds on anything cellulose-based (anything wood or plant-based, essentially), including everything from your cardboard storage boxes, to your walls.

Prevent Home Threats with Roofing Services in Rockville

These four issues can all crop up and do some serious damage, even within a single day. This is why seeking timely roof damage repair in Rockville and roof replacement for an aged or old roof is vital to the security and comfort of your home. Your roof is an investment that protects your home very well, but it needs care and protection as well.

That’s why the experts at Shanco offer superior roof repair and roofing services in the Rockville area. Our experts take your home and roofing needs seriously, and you can always count on the specialists at Shanco to bring you the absolute best.

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