Whether you’re looking to sell soon in Maryland, or you are interested in maybe flipping your home in the future, you’re always looking for the best ways to improve home value. Typically, you’ll find it in home improvement with a professional. But what services “pay out” the best? Where’s your real bang for the bucks invested?

Today the experts at Shanco are here to help you identify three high-value, affordable cost methods to increase the value of your home!

Three Big Ways to Upgrade Home Value in Maryland

Ideally, you want your remodel or home improvement project to provide you with two big things:

  1. A recoup on the cost of the investment (and a profit if you can swing it)
  2. An increased appeal in your home

The idea is to have your improvements help sell your home, while also not having them put you in a hole. In order to accomplish both of these, our experts would recommend these three projects in particular.

A Siding Upgrade

New siding is one of the fastest ways to give your entire home a facelift. When you have a prospective buyer coming in, your home has to be appealing immediately. A bad impression off the bat can sour the exchange in a hurry, and as a bonus siding upgrades typically recoup between 80% to 90+% of the project’s cost.

Window Replacement and Upgrade

If there is any one big buzzword that home buyers are looking for, it’s “high-efficiency windows”. Top-quality windows drop the cost of heating and cooling a home demonstrably, and it’s considered a must in modern housing markets. It’s important to note, however, that this is one project that will improve home value a lot, but won’t necessarily pay for itself.

In this case the project is more to sell rather than to recoup, but at the same time for each year you remain in your home, the recoup gap closes, since you’re saving on energy costs the whole time. This means windows are a great home improvement in Gaithersburg for homeowners looking to sell in the next few years rather than right now.

Kitchen and Bath Remodels

For the most bang for your buck, nothing does it quite like a kitchen or bath. Done right and cost-effectively, a kitchen remodel can commonly completely pay for itself in ROI, often even increasing value by 150% of the cost. These are the big, exciting rooms in a home, and if your is behind the times it’s going to hurt the sale a lot.

Never Ignore The Basics

These three make it up pretty high on our “biggest” list, but please keep one big point in mind: Your house has to be a home! If the roof is leaking, or the HVAC is trash, you’re not getting very far, no matter how fancy the kitchen might be. Tend to your basics when selling, and then you can splurge on the fun stuff.

Home Improvement in Gaithersburg

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