As one of the first major lines of defense for your home against sun, wind, and rain, the health and effectiveness of your wood siding is vital. Not to mention it’s a considerable investment, too, and one you’d likely prefer to keep around. However, there are some times when replacing your siding becomes necessary. Do you know when your wood siding needs replacing?

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The Signs That You Need New Wood Siding

Wood makes for an excellent, handsome option for a Maryland home, but it also can encounter some problems as it ages. There are many issues that can indicate a need for new siding, and luckily enough they're pretty easy to spot. Keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Rotting and mold. Wood siding tends to be good and dependable for decades, but if external or incidental damage has occurred, or if you’ve had your siding for a long time, you might begin to spot signs of mold intrusion and rot. Once rot has taken hold, replacement is your best option to restore home integrity and preserve your exterior.
  • Termite damage. Ah, termites. You frequently won't know they're there until the damage is done, but as you can see in the photo at the top of the page, termite damage is no joke. Termite damage is frequently un-repairable, and you'll likely have to replace the affected area. See how to prevent termites in wood siding here >>
  • Warping and failing to lie flat. When the integrity of wood siding begins to fail, the siding may begin to warp and bend, and even fall off, keeping it from lying properly against the home and causing all sorts of issues, not to mention looking bad.
  • Severe cracking and chipping. Small-scale scratches, minor or isolated cracks, and just a wee bit of chipping can all be handled with some siding repair (usually). But when the cracks run deep or the chipping covers a large area, replacing starts to make a lot more sense, and stand to be a lot more cost effective, too.
  • Needing too much maintenance. Sometimes older siding just starts to be a real hassle. It can sometimes fail to hold repaining well, or fading from weather exposure and sun might start to show through no matter what. Or it’s possible that you’re just looking for a higher quality siding! In these cases, go for a replacement to save yourself time and frustration.

termite damage to wood siding in Montgomery County, MD

Other Reasons to Replace Your Siding

Not all issues are related to the condition of your siding, and you don’t always need an excuse to make a change! Maybe you’re looking for something newer, of higher quality, or just more along the lines of your style.

Or maybe you want to make the move from a different siding material, say vinyl, to wood siding in Montgomery County, MD. Wood is gorgeous, timeless, and highly durable, making it a very popular and desirable option for home siding! There’s also selling your home, in which case replacing your siding alongside a couple other projects are excellent ways to quickly improve home value.

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