With the weather getting decidedly warmer in the past few weeks, you may well be looking for ways to reduce energy use and increase home comfort. Want to know what home projects yield the most effective results? Follow along with the home service professionals at Shanco to find out what improvement projects you should be focusing on!

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Which Projects Bring the Most Comfort?

For home improvement projects on the more functional side, you’ll want to focus on keeping the sun at bay. Heat via radiation and thermal transfer are the biggest factors for making your home a whole lot warmer! Luckily, however, we’re quite familiar with what the sun can do, and the industry has come up with some A-plus options:

  1. Roofing upgrades. The roof of your home is the basis of your defense against sunlight and sun heat infiltration. A poor quality roof can make your attic absolutely bake, and the heat won’t stop there. It’ll fill up your entire home! There are many excellent roofing materials that boast “cool” benefits, including those made by GAF.
  2. Window replacement. Windows can account for a considerable amount of heat infiltration. Untreated glass essentially lets the heat come right in, and leaving your windows exposed only makes matters worse—this can increase home temps by five to ten degrees. For a low-cost alternative you can simply invest in good blackout curtains and live in the dark, but for a more effective and permanent solution you should look into window replacement with low-e glass. Additionally the project boasts excellent ROI, making this project a great way to boost home value as well.
  3. Siding replacement. Home siding in the past have just a wee bit to do with home comfort levels and that was pretty much it. But modern siding applications have become more effective and more sophisticated at the same time. Now you can get siding that not only makes the home look great, but will improve insulation factors and repel the heat from our sun!

Do keep in mind that while these projects are your best option and provide the highest returns, they increase in value exponentially depending on how long you plan on sticking around. If you’re living in your home only planning to flip in a year or two then investing in window replacement or a brand new roof might not be your first place to look. But if you mean to stick around for five, ten, or 15 years then these are your best bets hands-down.

Perfect Window Replacement Home Improvement Projects in Maryland

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