Was Your Siding Installed Correctly? Here’s How to Tell

how to tell if siding is installed correctly

When you get work done on your Maryland home, you want it done right. A more obvious statement could never be made, possibly. But at the same time, there are occasions where we’re given reasons to doubt the quality of work that’s been done. Suspect your siding might be installed a bit incorrectly? If so, the team at Shanco is going to tell you how to identify it, and what you can do!

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Warning Signs Your Siding Might Be Incorrectly Installed

Pretty much everything in the world acts a bit funny when it isn’t handled properly, and your siding is no exception. You’ll be able to spot certain signs of a bad installation job (or siding that just needs to be replaced) if you keep an eye out.

Carefully look for these:

  • Uneven seams. Siding is laid on in panels rather than one giant fits-your-home peice. If the siding is installed poorly, no matter the material, you’ll be able to see the seams clearly. At times they can even be crooked, jagged, or they might jut out. These signs stick out like the sorest thumb in the world, so if the installation is bad on this point, you’ll see it.
  • Bulges or ripples in the material. The siding panels themselves should never be nailed or fastened directly. This is what hanging and fasteners are for, and nailing the siding material directly will form odd indentions or ripples that you can easily spot when looking at the siding from the side.
  • Bad nails. Nails should not be hammered in all the way so that they’re flush with or dig into the strips. They need a bit of wiggle room to work properly, and without it, your siding is at risk of taking on damage prematurely.
  • Buckling siding. Similar to the uneven seams, your siding can buckle up and create concave dents when measurements aren’t correct. It could be that too-large panels were forced into place, or it could be the nails were driven in too deep, as well as a few other causes.

Trust in the Siding Installation Experts

So what do you do when your siding installation in Gaithersburg doesn’t go according to plan? Well, you could call in the team you had to do it before, sure. But why give yourself the headache? Call on a team you can trust! Getting the job done, and done right the first time, is goal number one for any professional.

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