5 SCARY Roofing Installation Mistakes to Watch Out For

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Ghosts and ghouls and… roof installations? Not what you expect on your list of frights. But when you think about it, roof leaks and damage are downright terrifying.

When you’re looking for roofing installation in Gaithersburg, you’re looking for a product and result that is going to last you a lifetime. No one wants a shoddy, poorly installed roof that will spring a leak or need a replacement in a year or two! What kinds of roofing mistakes can cause this disaster, and how can you avoid them? Find your answers today, coming at you by way of the certified roofing specialists at Shanco!

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The Five Scariest Roofing Disasters our Experts See in Gaithersburg

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The worst thing about mistakes and problems with roof installations in Gaithersburg is they’re not even all that uncommon. Why do they crop up so much? Well, for a few reasons. DIY roofing is a big one, and there’s a lot of “not quite certified” roofers out there, too. Both of these can land you with a funky roof in no time.

Out of all the problems we see, these are the most common:

  • Mismatched shingles. Shingle roofing is very common here in Gaithersburg (and the entirety of the United States, actually). It’s strong, it’s cost-effective, and it tends to make a pretty high quality roof. But if you don’t make absolutely sure that you, or your contractor, is getting all of the shingles for your roof from a single source, you can end up with ugly, patchy-looking mismatched shingles right away. No two companies make a shingle that is identical to another manufacturer, so batch-purchases to cut costs can nail you with an ugly roof in a hurry.
  • Mismatching your slope. The slope of your roof determines what kind of materials should be used (a fact we’ve discussed at length in the past), and how they should be installed. If your contractor doesn’t take the slope of your roof into account, your roof can easily be invaded by water, springing leaks and making your home’s interior look like a soggy mess within weeks.
  • Shoddy nail work. As professionals, roofing specialists have everything planned out. We make use of extremely specific plans and layouts to ensure everything is done properly. But a roughshod roofer might not even use nails right! Crooked nails, too few, too many; all of these can result in a roof that is weak, loses shingles routinely, and might literally begin to sag within a year.
  • Failure to procure insurance. This isn’t a visible mistake on your roof, but it sure is a tangible one if things go awry. Working with an uninsured contractor can pin you to the wall in a hurry. They can literally and legally hold an entire project against you if something goes wrong, leaving you to clean up the mess and handle the entire expense solo. Not pretty, not fun, and really shady to boot!
  • Not working with a professional roofer. Certification, licensing, and insurance mean more to your roof than anything else. You need superior, professional service from contractors who have the knowledge, experience, and skill to bring you the quality, life-long roof you’re looking for. Without a pro, your roof might not end up even being a roof!

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