What Color Should You Paint Your House?

what color to paint house

Painting homes is one of those things that you either look forward to and are excited about, or you just outright dread. Even finding the right color can be a nightmare for some, and today that’s exactly what Shanco is here to talk about. Want to know how to choose your ideal home color? Trust the home repair specialists at Shanco to clue you in!

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What Color Is Best?

That depends. The question “which is best” always hinges on a few factors, and the answers can frequently change, especially when you’re talking home design. Why? Because home design is largely subjective. You like what you see or you don’t, but the bottom line is always this is your home. Paint it pepto pink if you want!

But a little guidance can always be helpful, so to determine what you want in a home color, we need to divide it up into two categories. Or more namely, two situations. Are you painting for yourself, or are you looking to sell?

Choosing Paint for Your Home

If this is a paint job that you just want, either for aesthetic appeal or just because the house needs some attention from some home repair specialists, then your choices are many. But we can help you narrow them down a bit. Use these simple guidelines when selecting a paint color:

  • Consult the color wheel. The good old color wheel is a design standard and it can help you quite a bit. By utilizing the color wheel you can choose complimentary colors for the house and trim, creating an appealing aesthetic that flows. Or you can go with monochrome palettes designed to be a bit more relaxed while you choose landscape features that pop a bit more.
  • Think about your roof. The roof of your home isn’t likely included in the project, and thus it isn’t going anywhere. This needs to be considered when choosing your color scheme, since some combinations might look like quite a mess. Who wants a copper roof and a grey home, right?
  • How visible is your home? Is your home straddling the curbside, or are you hidden behind a quarter mile of dense foliage? If your home is farther back you might consider using lighter or more bright colors to make your space stand out a bit more.

What Color Should I Paint a Home I’m Selling?

Applying an attractive fresh coat of paint is an awesome project to improve home value. It’s exceptionally cost-effective, and can do wonders for first impressions and curb appeal. But what colors work best?

The important thing to consider when you’re selling is that your opinion starts to matter a whole lot less. You want to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, and that tends to mean neutral colors, earthy tones, white. They might seem a bit on the boring side, but when you’re looking to sell you’re appealing to a broad audience, not one person’s interest.

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