Siding Repair vs. Replacement: How to Know

Home siding plays a very big part in keeping your structure secure and protected against water, wind, and even worse. So, of course, when things go wrong with your Maryland siding you want to ensure you get it handled as soon as possible! But do you need siding replacement or will siding repair get the job done just fine? Follow along with Shanco Companies to find out how to tell the difference.

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Signs You Need Siding Repair

Repair is, of course, the more popular option. It’s often faster and less costly, but it’s not always the answer. We typically recommend siding repair services when you notice:

  • Cracking and chipping. Small cracks and chips in the material, especially if it’s a small area or only on a single panel, are most often easily repaired. For more extensive cracking, it may be necessary to replace a single siding panel, but this is still technically repair and still fairly low-cost.
  • Minor to moderate mold. Mold is a tricky one. If located and removed quickly it should cause minimal problems and a repair should do just fine. But you need to keep two things in mind. One, you need to know why your siding got mold, and two, you need to be 100% certain you got it all or it will progress to rot.
  • Dents. Like cracks, dents tend to be very repairable. This often requires a panel replacement, but it’s not much to be stressed about.  
  • Loose siding panels. Loose panels can be caused by everything from a shoddy installation to serious storm winds. But in most cases the issue is easy to fix with a pro on hand.

When it’s Time to Replace Your Siding

It’s true that in most cases repair can meet your needs, it’s worth keeping in mind that many technically repairable issues are going to lead to a replacement eventually. These include:

  • Rot of any kind. Even if the rot is minimal, it’s a clear sign that your siding is beginning to fail. It’s best to address and replace rotten siding as soon as possible to avoid larger forms of home damage.
  • Excessive maintenance. Find yourself needing to clean, repaint, and repair your siding yearly or even more? If so then it’s simply time to replace your siding.
  • Sun-faded siding. Sun fading happens over years and years (in most cases), but there aren’t many effective remedies for it. If you’ve become unhappy with the amount of sun fading on your siding, we would recommend talking to a pro about your replacement options.
  • Outdated siding. Good home siding can improve visual appeal, protect your home better, and can even add energy saving and efficiency benefits. If yours does none of these then replacement may be a big benefit.

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